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2019 Advisory Form for Current Pastoral Appointment

November 01 2019

Clergy Evaluation Process 
From Spiritual Leadership

Below you will find the evaluation components (5 forms) and a brief description of each. Deadline for these forms is January 15, 2020:

Clergy Excellence (Spiritual Leaders Edition): This document establishes the baseline by which we measure the ministry of ALL CLERGY in the Mississippi Annual Conference. You will also find the characteristics, gifts and graces of clergy that we consider as ‘high potential’ and ‘dynamic.’  Also, because we all have areas for growth, we are asking all district superintendents to work with clergy to discern those areas of need and help create supervisory opportunities for intentional growth and health.

Advisory Form for Current Pastoral Appointment: This is the annual form that is used by the cabinet in preparation for the appointment process. Last year, based upon your feedback, we revamped this form to be one page (front and back) to help you be more efficient in your paperwork submission. This year, while keeping a simplified format, we are asking that the pastor and church--working together-- focus upon the ministry of the church and the pastoral gifts and graces needed to help the church realize its full potential. From this joint reflection, the church can then discern the best way to move forward in appointive ministry.

Clergy Excellence Annual Physical Form: Ministry is directly impacted by the way you care for your mind, body and spirit. As part of the Mississippi Annual Conference insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield, all participants are entitled to an annual “Healthy You” physical at no cost. Most insurance programs offer similar programs. For Mississippi Conference participants who complete the Health You, you can get a cash reward through the Amazing Pace program. We encourage all our clergy to take advantage of these services and make your health a priority. For those in the conference program, use the Health You rebate form to document your participation. For those outside the conference program, we provide this form.

Clergy Excellence Personal Ministry Evaluation: Self-evaluation is a vital tool in creating a healthy ministry. All clergy are asked to prayerfully reflect upon their own ministry in relation to our standard of clergy excellence. 

Clergy Excellence Clergy Ministry Evaluation: FOR THOSE WHO HAVE SERVED FOR LONGER THAN ONE YEAR in the local church, we asking the members of the SPRC/PPRC to provide a reflection upon the ministry of their clergy in relations to the standard for clergy excellence. 

We thank God for the call of God upon each of you and thank you for your faithfulness to Christ, our beloved Church and the people of God you have been called to serve.  Su​bmission deadline of January 15, 2020.  

Earn $75 with the MS Conference Annual Physical Wellness Program for a Healthy You or Welcome to Medicare Annual Physical. Click Here for the MS Conference  reward form. Mississippi Conference plan members: Print and take this form with you to your HealthyYou or Medicare annual physical appointment and have your physician's office sign the form. During 2019 you will qualify for a $75.00 cash incentive reward for completing a HealtyYou screening or Medicare Annual physical. Up to three family members are eligible. 


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PO Box 1329

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